Alfa Romeo 166 (936) 2.5 V6 (188 hp, petrol, 2001) - Owner reviews and ratings

sedan (saloon), 4 doors, 5 seats, dimensions: 4720.00 mm x 1815.00 mm x 1416.00 mm, weight: 1490 kg, engine displacement: 2492 cc, double overhead camshaft (DOHC), 6 cylinders, 4 valves per cylinder, max power: 188 hp @ 6300 rpm, max torque: 221 Nm @ 5000 rpm, acceleration (0-100): 8.40 s, max speed: 225 km/h, gears (manual/automatic): 6 / -, fuel type: petrol, fuel consumption (urban/extra urban/combined): 17.2 l / 8.9 l / 11.9 l, rims: 6.5 X 16, tyres: 205/55 R 16
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North, Israel

Condition when purchased: used
Years owned/used: 1
Overall rating: 4.3
Value for money:

Pros: The heart of this car is the last true Alfa Rromeo V6. Many say it is the best sounding V6 engine. The petrol selection is 2.0 TS, 2.0 Turbo V6, 2.5 V6, 3.0 V6 or a 3.2 V6 engine from 156/147 GTA versions. The 2.5L version revvs with ease due to small stroke of 68 mm compared to 88 mm bore, the engine feels very racey, and the sound it produces makes you feel like some vintage F1 driver. In order to get the performance, the driver must work constantly with the gears (six of them) because the torque peaks high on 5000 rpm and the engine must stay in it\'s effective zone (around 4500-6500 rpm) to go fast. Although this is not the car for tackling corners it performs this task very well, the front wheel drive natural under steer appears only at the limits. When cruising on the highway the cabin is very quiet. The seats are very comfy, but not supportive on fast corners.Everything is electrical: seats, mirrors, windows. The ICS unit with GPS and phone is easy in use after you know how to operate it. Very informative trip computer, showing your fuel consumption and how far you can go with your car. This is a car that you are looking forward to drive.

Cons: Maintenance prices are high, especially changing timing belt every 60,000 km or three years. V6 engines are pretty thirsty (average is 11.7 liters per 100 km with manual gearbox and adequate driving). Suspension parts wear fast. Upper/Lower wishbones and anti-roll bar bushings. Some interior materials do not age well. They can get sticky and dirty.

Overall: As used saloon car this is a great pakage thanks to massive depreciation. For someone who loves to drive and appreciates style.