Hummer H1

modelyeardoorsseatsenginepowertorque0 - 100speeddimensionsweight
H1 I 6.5 D V8 4x4 Automatic
1995446466 cc170 hp393 Nm-134 km/h4686 x 2197 x 1905 mm3159 kg

Hummer H2

modelyeardoorsseatsenginepowertorque0 - 100speeddimensionsweight
H2 (gmt 840) 6.0i V8
2002545967 cc321 hp488 Nm11.00 s160 km/h4820 x 2063 x 2080 mm2901 kg
H2 SUT 6.0i V8 4x4 Automatic
2004445967 cc329 hp494 Nm-158 km/h5170 x 2063 x 2080 mm2909 kg
H2 (gmt 840) 6.2i V8 4x4 Automatic
2007556162 cc398 hp574 Nm7.80 s158 km/h4820 x 2063 x 1993 mm3017 kg
H2 SUT 6.2i V8 4x4 Automatic
2007446162 cc398 hp563 Nm-158 km/h5170 x 2063 x 2012 mm3017 kg

Hummer H3

modelyeardoorsseatsenginepowertorque0 - 100speeddimensionsweight
H3 3.5i 20V 4x4
2005553460 cc223 hp305 Nm-158 km/h4742 x 1897 x 1872 mm2132 kg

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