Koenigsegg Agera

modelyeardoorsseatsenginepowertorque0 - 100speeddimensionsweight
Agera 5.0 V8 Automatic
2010225032 cc960 hp1100 Nm3.00 s420 km/h-1435 kg
Agera S 5.0 V8 Automatic
2013225032 cc1030 hp1100 Nm2.90 s420 km/h-1415 kg
Agera R 5.0 V8 Automatic
2013225032 cc1140 hp1200 Nm2.80 s420 km/h-1435 kg
Agera RS 5.0 V8 Automatic
2015225065 cc1160 hp1280 Nm-443 km/h-1395 kg

Koenigsegg CC

modelyeardoorsseatsenginepowertorque0 - 100speeddimensionsweight
CC 8S 4.7 I V8 32V
1998224700 cc655 hp750 Nm3.50 s390 km/h4190 x 1990 x 1070 mm1175 kg
CC R 4.7 I V8 32V
2004224719 cc806 hp919 Nm3.20 s395 km/h4293 x 1996 x 1020 mm1180 kg
CC X 4.7 V8
2006224700 cc806 hp920 Nm3.20 s395 km/h-1280 kg
CC GT 5.0 V8
2007225000 cc600 hp920 Nm3.20 s395 km/h-1100 kg
CC X R 4.8 V8 Special Edition Ethanol
2007224800 cc1032 hp1080 Nm2.90 s400 km/h-1330 kg
CC X R 4.7 V8 Ethanol
2008224700 cc1032 hp1060 Nm3.10 s400 km/h-1280 kg
CC X R 4.8 V8 Edition Ethanol
2008224800 cc1032 hp1080 Nm2.90 s410 km/h-1280 kg
CC X 4.8 V8 Edition
2008224800 cc888 hp940 Nm3.00 s400 km/h-1280 kg
CC X R 4.8 V8 Trevita Ethanol
2010224800 cc1032 hp1080 Nm2.90 s410 km/h-1280 kg

Koenigsegg One:1

modelyeardoorsseatsenginepowertorque0 - 100speeddimensionsweight
One:1 5.0 V8 Automatic
2015225065 cc1360 hp1371 Nm2.80 s440 km/h-1360 kg

Koenigsegg Regera

modelyeardoorsseatsenginepowertorque0 - 100speeddimensionsweight
Regera 5.0 V8 Plug-in Hybrid Automatic
2016225065 cc-----1628 kg

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