Pininfarina H2 Speed (653 Hp) Electric-Hydrogen (2018) - Technical data, specifications, characteristics

coupe (fixed-head coupé), 2 doors, 2 seats, dimensions: 4730.00 mm x 1956.00 mm x 1113.00 mm, weight: 1430 kg, acceleration (0-100): 3.40 s, max speed: 300 km/h, rims: 12J X 18, 13J X 18, tyres: 30/68 R18, 31/71 R18
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Technical dataAccelerationSpeedWeightDimensions

Manufacturer, series, model, years of production

Basic information about the manufacturer, series and model of the vehicle. First and last years of production.

ModelSpeed (653 Hp) Electric-Hydrogen
First year of production2018
Last year of production-

Body type, dimensions, volumes, weight

Information about the body style of the vehicle, overall dimensions, weight, boot space and fuel tank capacity.

Body typecoupe (fixed-head coupé)
Number of doors2 (two)
Number of seats2 (two)
Wheelbase2968.00 mm (millimeters)
9.74 ft (feet)
116.85 in (inches)
2.9680 m (meters)
Front track-
Rear track-
Length4730.00 mm (millimeters)
15.52 ft (feet)
186.22 in (inches)
4.7300 m (meters)
Width1956.00 mm (millimeters)
6.42 ft (feet)
77.01 in (inches)
1.9560 m (meters)
Height1113.00 mm (millimeters)
3.65 ft (feet)
43.82 in (inches)
1.1130 m (meters)
Minimum trunk/boot space capacity-
Maximum trunk/boot space capacity-
Curb weight1430 kg (kilograms)
3152.61 lbs (pounds)
Maximum weight-
Capacity of the fuel tank-


Technical data about the vehicle's engine - location, displacement, aspiration, cylinders, valves, compression, fuel, etc.

Type of fuel-
Engine location-
Engine displacement-
Valve mechanism type-
Type of aspiration-
Compression ratio-
Arrangement of the cylinders-
Number of cylinders-
Valves per cylinder-
Bore (the diameter of a cylinder)-
Stroke (the length of a piston stroke)-

Power, torque, acceleration, speed

Information about the maximum power, torque, speed and the revolutions per minute, at which they are reached. Acceleration time from 0 to 100 km.

Maximum power-
Maximum power is generated at-
Maximum torque-
Maximum torque is reached at-
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h3.40 s (seconds)
Maximum speed300 km/h (kilometers per hour)
186.41 mph (miles per hour)

Fuel consumption

Information about the fuel consumption (urban, extra-urban, combined).

Fuel consumption (urban)-
Fuel consumption (extra urban)-
Fuel consumption (combined)-

Transmission, drive type

Information about the transmission (automatic and/or manual), number of gears/speeds and type of drive.

Drive type-


Technical specifications about the type of steering and the vehicle's turning circle (turning diameter).

Type of steering-
Type of power steering-
Turning circle diameter-


Information about the front and rear suspension of the vehicle.

Type of front suspension-
Type of rear suspension-


Type of brakes used on the front and rear wheels as well as presence of an ABS (anti-lock braking system).

Type of front brakes-
Type of rear brakes-
ABS (anti-lock braking system)-


Type and size of the rims and tyres of the vehicle.

Rim size12J X 18, 13J X 18
Tyre code30/68 R18, 31/71 R18

Compared to average values

The difference in percent between the values of some of the vehicle's characteristics and their average values.

Wheelbase+ 11%
Length+ 5%
Width+ 10%
Height- 26%
Curb weight+ 0%
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h- 67%
Maximum speed+ 49%